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Cough* cough* uhmm* YO MINNA! XD Long time no talk... Ah I will let you know my latest sketch 'The Princess and The Dragon' By Arya chan is half finished... :iconhugsplz:

 Well then I have started watching Bleach and I found out the clashing between IchiRuki and IchiHime and couldn't help but give my consent...
First of all there are limitless IchiRuki moments... I do admit there ARE too many IchiHime moments too but still... I am sure if Kubo Tite san DOES decide a pairing in Bleach it would be IchiRuki and I am not just saying it because I am a DIE HARD IchiRuki fan... :iconglompplz:

Kubo Tite san hasn't specified anything YET and he never speaks up when couples are mentioned, from what I have heard... Well it is either Bleach will end up with IchiRuki otherwise NONE pairing...

Let's start shall we? THE PROOF: :iconichigokurosakiplz: :iconrukiakuchikiplz:

Rukia is the main female protagonist despite what anyone says and Ichigo IS the main male protagonist... (It is likely that the two main characters end up together; LIKELY)

Ichigo and Orihime aren't even on the first name basis they call each other by their surnames whilst Ichigo and Rukia are like BAKA, STRAWBERRY, MIDGET XD...

Ichigo achieved his Bankai FOR Rukia almost died FOR Rukia ( I know then you'll say Ichigo ALSO almost died FOR Orihime, he'd do that for Chad too I guess but well let's see further shall we? I mean it's like when Ichigo tried to regain his powers for saving Rukia he WILLINGLY chose to die or become a hollow to save her but whilst saving Inoue he just died never choosing to die... )

Most of the arts leaving manga are IchiHime as I have heard BUT Kubo Tite san himself stated that these arts were done FIRST with Rukia and Ichigo but Orihime fits that ROLE so thus...

Rukia means LIGHT in Latin and she is Ichigo's  ray of light as STATED by Kubo Tite...

And well do you ever observe minutely the difference between Ichigo's eyes when he looks at Rukia and Orihime? You can easily see that when Rukia returns from soul society in the DEATHBERRY chappy or the chappy after Ichigo rescues Rukia and she comes back after her stay in Soul society... They look so loving, so longing and so so afraid that LITERALLY ask the question, 'It is not another illusion right? She is here ne?' AYE!

Ichigo is always shown to be miserable when Rukia leaves him and when he comes back HE CHEERS UP! Even Orihime stated that!

AND if you ever have a doubt on IchiRuki JUST WATCH the Bleach 3 Fade to Black movie~ ^_^ :iconinloveplz:

And don't'cha remember what Ichigo said to Rukia? YOU STOPPED THE RAIN! :iconlaughplz:

Then there is Isshin and Masaki's relationship... So similar to Ichigo and Rukia's!  :iconloveloveplz:

You know what I think? Well I don't remember the episode number but does anyone remember what Inoue Orihime said once about being the rain?
She was something like, "If I would be like the rain then would I have been able to join the sky and earth?" Or something I cannot exactly remember I have watched it long ago but I am sure HERE Inoue meant HERSELF to be the rain the SKY is Rukia as she is from completely different world aka SOUL SOCIETY and the EARTH is ICHIGO from the REAL WORLD!  I personally think that LIKE the rain she'd make Rukia and Ichigo end up together or something OR so my line of thinking goes, you can imagine further! :iconinoueplz:

Ichigo never returned Orihime's feelings now... Did he? Little teasing is here and there in all the episodes! But you cannot be sure! :iconichigoplz:

As for Rukia, I don't need to say but it is clear that well Renji lost his chance with her and NOW it's Ichigo in her heart! Go back to the first few episodes where Rukia was gonna be executed and you'll understand! And when she returns and Ichigo's hollow is coming up do you remember that LINE, THAT's THE MAN YOU ARE IN MY HEART ICHIGO! XD

I do admit Renji loves Rukia like Inoue loves Ichigo... :iconrenjiplz:
And well I think the REAL threat in IchiRuki relationship is Renji and NOT Inoue because well there are a lot of moments where Rukia shows that she might feel the same way towards Renji but there are too less moments when one can decipher that Ichigo actually likes Inoue... In Bleach movie 3 Fade to Black it was likely that Rukia remembered Renji first so I think he is more of a threat... But well I can say that Inoue is a BIIIIIIIIIIIG Threat too! Too big for my liking TCH! :iconmwahahaplz:

Even in Hueco Mundo arc when Ichigo felt Rukia's reiatsu almost disappear did you see how panicked he was? And don't tell me it's because he just thought her as a friend, Chad who is his best friend was in danger that same time but STILL Ichigo noticed Rukia's reiatsu first! 

I don't mind RenjiRuki either( since I am a fan of childhood sweethearts stories) but IchiRuki are just too perfect to NOT LOVE! :iconrukiaplz:

Ooohh and I think Hiro Fujiwara san ( The creator of Kaichou wa Maid sama!) is inspired by IchiRuki pairing!! I really think so! XD I mean look at the similarities between Misaki and Rukia and Usui and Ichigo ( Accoding to features... Their personalities aren't THAT similar I guess BUT STILL!)

I mean come on! As we all know Rukia was gonna be the lead protagonist but Kubo Tite thought that she couldn't have handled that role so he made Ichigo and he made Ichigo such that he looks completely opposite to Rukia... He is tall, bright hair and eyes whist she is short, dark hair and eyes...
Ichigo's ZANPAKTOU is full black in Bankai form and Rukia's is completely white... YIN AND YANG! 
Haven't you guys heard of Opposite attracts? XD :iconbwahahaplz:

 Anyways I think I must stop my rambling now lemme know what you think of my thoughts and well I totally meant NO OFFENSE by this journal! :iconbyeplz:



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